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Re: Question on strike buttons

I use strike buttons on jack, fore and jointing planes mostly. Hitting the back or the top back edge is easy enough of smaller planes.

I prefer square buttons to round, about 1.5 inch wide, half an inch high, an sixth protruding out.
This is mostly an aesthetic choice.
I use fish glue to hold them in the mortise, it’s a bit elastic.

As for the grain orientation, you may consider wood movement and the potential mushrooming / splitting. In my experience, the small size doesn’t induce movement problems and adding a chamfer around the top edges prevents the other issues aforementioned.
I usually use the same wood as the plane body, so sorb, hornbeam, beech or green oak.

The closer to the mouth escapement, the more impactful the effect. I usually set my strike button to an inch to the mouth.

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