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More parers.. *PIC*

David Weaver
Not yet finished. Just roughed out on a belt grinder and back flattened on a separate belt sander.

I've got a process figured out for these but will hammere the tangs thicker, narrow and longer and then forge weld a bolster on them as I had a successful mild steel bolster forge weld yesterday. There's not much filing to do on these and making the bolster out of file scrap instead of mild steel will actually make the forge weld much easier.

The spark is so strong with these that grinding them sets off my basement smoke detector even though it's through a closed door.

Jack Dover was probably right, I think these are a lot easier for a guy in his garage to make. The first one took about four hours to make, but these will take less than two per.

Forge welding requires oxy mapp which drives the cost up, though.

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