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Some Weaver chisels arrived yesterday *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Some chisels came to be used for the drawers underway. I put dogwood handles on the two that arrived unhandled. I use dry dogwood limbs to turn handles from. Works for me.

It is trivial to install handles so don't pay that extra big price to get a Weaver handle :). Though I have to admit I like the feel of his handle better.

Step 1 is to turn a cylinder. A cylinder mounts against a vee block and ensures drilling axially for the tang. 10 min and done. Picture 1

Then remount and turn the profile.

Shown are the chisel I made, the two from David I handled (don't know how I got the one handle so long. Will drive it off and shorten) and David's handle. Pciture 2

As soon as I get them sharp I will try them out on some drawers. :)

The sizes are ideal for my dovetails.
Seriously these are boggling sharp. David: provide concise description of how the bevel and edge was prepared. Don't wander into the weeds- step1, step 2 ......

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