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Another dovetail layout tip *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
If you expect to be making lots of drawers for case pieces, make the decisions on the layout variables and record them. In my case I have a notebook that I keep my build sketches in. I chose a page in this book to record dovetail layout decisions.

There are a bunch of them. Clint below asked about just two. Rather than reinvent the wheel I just took measurements off a drawer Steve Hamilton made in the Headley shop.

For a drawer campaign I set my marking gauges at the side thickness, and another for front tail length, and 4" squares for the 7/8 and 5/16" of the rear drawer. The 3/16" for the front is set with the gauge I mark the small pin width with. Then it is on to cranking them out.

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