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Bigger paring chisel...

David Weaver
..I haven't glazed this one yet (finished the metal part after hardening with a finer finish), but this was difficult to make.


Sorry about the imgur link - imgur isn't allowing me to post a link to individual images right now.

Heller file, ungodly hard for some reason, but hardened only about 3/4ths of the way up the blade and has some spring. warped like crazy (bowed) when quenched at the differential hardening point, and I straightened it by hammering, like you would a knife blank or a saw). It's still bowed just a little.

1.1 inches wide, 16" long, .1 inch thick at the bevel, .13 at the center of the blade and I didn't measure the tang (probably 0.2 or so).

I will eventually fill out the set (this one is wide, the first one was narrow), but these are not easy to make with my setup and they take at least twice as long as a nice bevel edge chisel.

I sent bill two chisels - neither was nearly as hard as this one (and maybe that's due to this one being thin, but I haven't got a great grasp on why such a difference).

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