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Preparing a Narex 8110 "stubby" chisel *PIC*

Jim Matthews
Tl, dnr : under 15 minutes from shipping box to paring endgrain.

The 8110 chisels feel comfortable enough to prepare them for use.

Lacquer covering the factory edge gets buffed off with a 3M scotch scotchbrite wheel.
The lands are "eased" at the same time.

Lapping and honing the backs takes me longest, more than 1/2 my time budget.
The milling marks are deep, and lapping them off (until I can't see them at arm's length) on a Coarse Atoma diamond plate took me more than 5 minutes each time.

Progressive steps to a Coarse India stone and Hindustan finish stone were less than 3 minutes, altogether. (Thanks Rafael, the Hindustan stone works for me!)

Grinding the tip using the JSK Koubou "pivoting arm" stand allows me to fix an angle and grind the tip without tiring my hands in a pinch grip.

I used an Atoma 1000 plate for thus step.

This raises a burr, which is chased freehand on my finest stone.

Final buff with cotton wheel and green honing compound.

Including setup time on the "Tilt O'Whirl of DOOM" was just under 15 minutes on the last two (medium sized) chisels.


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Preparing a Narex 8110 "stubby" chisel *PIC*
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