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Quick review Narex "stubbies" *PIC*

Jim Matthews
Marked "8110" these are all just under 7 inches long. (180 mm)

The blade portions seem near full length compared to my beloved Marples with Ash handles.

The clever engineering is in the handle, which is Pear shaped.

Behind the bolster, the neck of the handle has a conical taper.

The last third is a full 5 1/2" diameter, with a large flat aligned with the blade. (140 mm)

This isn't just to keep the chisels from rolling off the bench - it gives tactile feedback to the orientation of the cutting edge. The aligned flat came as a surprise - something obvious I had overlooked.

It's another of those "Why didn't I think of that?" moments.

I got them because of the cost (set of 4 delivered for less than $60 usd) and find them an excellent tool, because of the overall size and doorknob sized handles.


The steel is marked "8110" which Narex refers to as Cr-Mn steel hardened to 59 HRc. The blades are coated in some sort of lacquer that Mineral spirits barely softened. (Although the solvent completely removes the screen printed markings).


The milling marks are uniform and quite deep.

It took a full ten minutes on my coarse Atoma diamond plate to get the largest chisel back flat.

Wire edges release easily between steps but this steel "feels" harder than my usual O1.

Grinding plate - Coarse India - Hindustan whatsit - Buffing wheel in about twenty minutes, front and back.

I also eased the lands which are sharp from the factory.

Pictures in this set illustrate relative size.


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