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Louro Preto - prior wood identification *PIC*

David Weaver
This may be of interest only to me...

But, I was looking through the chisels I've made yesterday, and it's certainly the case that I've made more than I thought (despite sending a few out). I made two handles of the wood that I asked for identification on earlier, and some blanks (I think I actually made more than two, but included them on chisels I sent...I can't remember now).

I felt confident that Louro Preto was the right wood, and it doesn't matter that much except for a mental note that it's pretty, reasonably hard, but not good for anything that can split.

So I decided to look for more chisel handle wood on ebay and looked up Louro Preto when I was doing that. Pictures from a fellow selling it for fingerboards below. This combination confirms it with absolute certainty - it has the mock interlocking in some, the yellow look against the brown in others (that makes it look like it's interlocked, but it saws and splits like a wood with straight grain, at least mostly - maybe not quite on the splitting, but close).

I wonder how many other pretty woods are out there that we see little of (these fingerboard blanks are priced at $40 each - not something I'd be remotely interested in, I've paid $80 for jet black ebony blanks that can make 8 of them, or four and about half a dozen chisel handles.

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