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Probably avoid those

David Weaver
If anyone is looking to pare with chisels, it's hard to beat older english chisels in a paring pattern (but you have to get them from UK tool dealer or off of ebay UK in a group to get any reasonable price).

Stu sent me a fujikawa bench chisel to eyeball (they were about $20 in japan) and I could tell by the lamination that they were machine pressed in a die, which is OK.

When the chisel that I got was quenched and tempered, it warped forward, which is a no no (opposite of a belly) but that was never corrected.

The finish on those paring chisels is a grade below what stu sent me. They may all be flat, but they weren't even pressed in a die to turn the corners of the lamination up.

white 1 would be an odd choice for a budget chisel, but it could be due to the availability of hitachi pre-laminated material. It's hard to make a white 1 chisel well without significant temperature control (too much carbon that only ends up uniformly in solution once the steel is heated if it's normalized at high temperature in an inert environment or forged in cycles with decreasing starting temperature).

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