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Taking labor out of case goods *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
It was nice to see a woodworking question posed here (Joe in Cleveland).

I am undertaking another case piece, two 4-drawer desk pedestals for a granddaughter desk. These desk pedestals are in essence a narrow chest of drawers that will have a top set across to create a traditional desk.

I have had a series of this kind of furniture requested by children and grandchildren. I guess they are too cheap to shop at Cosco or Ikea :)

I have found it takes a lot of labor out of these pieces to standardize on a means of fastening them together and keep a set of tools required to make the parts adjusted and set aside for this need.

While overkill, I find it useful to assemble a case with drawers with dovetails front and back. Locating the sockets is described in a post on the main message board. I machine cut the half tail middle blades, hand saw the top blades, and hand chop out the sockets. Having all the half tails exactly the same size makes getting in the groove of doing the sockets easier. If I nail the socket size perfect the first time I can make one in 5 minutes. If I have to adjust, it may take 10 minutes. You can see the benefit of getting in the groove of getting it right the first time.

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