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PSA for Lie Nielsen Owners

David Weaver
If you have any LN planes that you're not so much attached to at this point, and they're a current version, nutty things are happening on ebay.

It's a good time to sell. I sold both of my LN bench planes, and they averaged 30% over market on a pure auction. The buyers completed the sale (paid) in both cases - one got the 62 that I flattened and has it in hand and is super pleased with how it works (I unicorned the edge, of course. Now it's a french unicorn).

The bidding is so frenzied that I received an email from someone bidding tonight mentioning concern about shill bidding on my auction (he wanted me to start canceling specific peoples' bids). I suggested to him that it's a bad time to buy and the euros are pushing the action, but the second plane sold to a US buyer.

I have no idea what's going on (if there's a big waiting list for LN). I don't have great success selling things on ebay (the pure auctions sell low on a regular basis), so it's not as if I have a knockout ID on there that has a big following.

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