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What wood do I have here? *PIC*

David Weaver
This picture is called one for me, two for bill (but not tindall - I don't have any 3v files). :b

The one with the dark handle is one of my first chisels after I kind of got the aesthetics a little better, and I used this same wood for a no-ferrule handle. It is only about as heavy as beech, but it smells like rosewood. It doesn't have the strength or oiliness of rosewood.

I got it back when rockler was "good" (they were local here and any turning wood or shorts that were hard to sell got sold for almost nothing - I've harvested bits of wood out of their shorts pile like kingwood and quartered cocobolo that are not easy to find - but that ended more than a decade ago).

I almost threw away the billet of wood (about 12x12x4) that this handle came from figuring it wasn't heavy enough for a plane and it has some cracks.

I have to admit I like the turned handle with ferrule better as it is guaranteed to fare OK if the bolster stretches a little over time. The tang is tapered so if that happens without the ferrule, the handle can split. But I actually broke the other handle adjusting the straightness of the handle vs. the tang below the bolster.

I've stopped burning handles in like a caveman, too (thought was fun, the mrs. banned it - some of the smell always makes it through the garage into the basement and upstairs - though the olivewood smoke was quite nice).

I'm using the "steve" method on the handles, which is probably something many non-steves use, and I think warren suggested it, too drill a hole, use the tang then to excavate and adjust the handle as it goes in and then drive the last bit tight.

(sorry the closeup of the wood is a little blurry, it's just a crop of the full picture - if you get the urge to say "walnut" for the wood, it's not close to walnut in properties, and remember the dalbergia smell comment - and dustiness).

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