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Greaseless Compound - 80 grit

David Weaver
So, I ordered 240 grit greaseless compound to use in a hard felt wheel (it would be better on a leather wheel, but I have no such thing large enough to use and may make one). It's to fine on a hard felt wheel, similar to like a 2000 stone or something.

I solved this with a combo order from mcmaster carr last week (to get a very coarse grinding wheel and a cutoff wheel) by adding 80 grit in with my order. I tried it today on the felt. Very interesting! It will spark off of a hard felt wheel, but the felt doesn't seem to be good at holding on to it. It will also finish a tool to a bright polish, at least an unhardened tool. And it'll do it without taking much crispness off of lines.

I like a deburring wheel to freshen the bevel of knives, but this could be an alternative on a dedicated hard buffing wheel (like muslin) -keeping in mind that if the wheel contacts your fingers, it feels not like a buffing wheel, but like sandpaper.

The only side comment I have is that glazing creates a lot of heat if there is some give to whatever is holding the media. Combine that with the greaseless compound, and you have what smells like burning animals. The oils or some part of the binder in it must be animal based - though it's also partially water solvent (animal based because when the tool being glazed gets warm enough, the fat smells like burning meat - I got in trouble over lunch.... :| )

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Greaseless Compound - 80 grit
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