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forged in fire

David Weaver
after all of the mentions here (and even George made a crack about that when I said I was hammering chisels out of files), I saw forged in fire. No clue where the show originated, but I don't watch much TV other than old sitcom reruns or westerns.

The in studio challenges of hand hammering look painful (I guess nobody does that now) - the first episode, everyone tried to move a 1x1 1095 billet with the flat side of a hammer instead of using less heat and stretching with a peining hammer.

Their durability tests don't resemble woodworking or fine edge testing but the show is flashy with the typical reality show imminent failure threat always overplayed.

I guess it's uninteresting to have a TV show where you show a guy making something that he's made 500 times before and perfected.

Most of the contestants have really expensive home shops, too. Not for me.

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