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We are changing what Japan makes

David Weaver
youtube recommended a video from seki city today. Google will always make sure you've had your fill of a topic before you move on.

I can't remember the name of the razor poster in japan (he wasn't japanese, but had been living there for a long time) who suggested that kamisori are mostly an export item, and not found on the ground much. He's probably right as used kamisori sold in japan (as in older stuff pulled by antique pullers) don't bring much. It takes a dealer with a story selling overseas to do the trick.

The new kamisori exported have more specification than the older ones, and are more showy.

Plane irons, same, chisels, same. I have gotten a lot of good vintage chisels out of japan, but none have ever had anything showy about them (they're all older). The chisels made to be sold in the US and europe have lots of showy options and prestige pricing to go with it (in some cases, sold by dealers in japan who specialize in selling export).

Watching goog/youtube's suggested video this morning:


Same thing - pattern welded rikizai is everywhere "really popular overseas". I've browsed older knives on buyee (proxy shipper from japan) and they'd be inexpensive, but never motivated enough to replace something that already works well. I haven't seen polished handles and pattern welding in the older knives.

We'd have almost no clue what's made and sold overseas from the united states for consumers to the desires of someone overseas - but I wonder if there's even anything like that. I can't think of anything.

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