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Continuing file steel vs 1095 and Indians

David Weaver
I've made a few more chisels. Last I commented, I made a couple out of 1095 and found they just didn't have the ice hardness and biting sharpness of the file steel.

I got parks 50 quenching oil to speed transition and the 1095 hardness is slightly higher after a 400 degree temper. There's just something about the file steel that 1095 doesn't have.

It doesn't seem to matter what brand the file is. I've made a mule and two chisels out of files marked " india", and they have all been excellent. The spark off of them is so intense when grinding that you can put a piece of paper in the spark stream and it'll quickly catch on fire.

I broke one of these Indian files to look at the microstructure and they have the same lovely super fine grain structure that a western chisel has.

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Continuing file steel vs 1095 and Indians
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Guessing the same...
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