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Got monster grinder 2 and belt tool came today..

David Weaver
..I never knew I was buying an aussie tool, but got the "multitool" gadget today. It's a bit underwhelming (not great balance, the wheel is just cast aluminum and the brackets are thick bent material that aren't bent accurately, so I had to use some card scrapers to test shim sizes to get everything to run true....but.....).

Once the thing as going and tracking straight, holy cow. This isn't a high dollar belt grinder, but the 8" contact wheel and a zirconia belt is like point and shoot. I think the belt speed is around 5000 feet a minute, so it's still fast.

.....and cooler than a grinding wheel per amount of material removed, but....

I have no idea where the dust goes.....but I can see small clouds floating around under light fixtures.

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