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cranky pants...

David Weaver
..I leave a trail of cranky pants in the comments (generally being particular and persistent) when I have to do something i don't like.

The mrs. asked for shelves last week, but the mrs. doesn't like my hobbies (her father had no hobbies, so he left a "clean house and was always available" - the man is a saint but set a sacrificial standard that my BIL and I cannot meet).

At any rate, finding something that fits the wants of the mrs. is mission improbable. "Get something:"
* that doesn't cost too much
* isn't junky and won't sag or come apart
* fits in "this space" (in this case, leaving the windows openable, and exactly 7 feet long)
* fits "these" baskets (in another shelving item)
* white and gray
* not beat up if it's used

"go look on craigslist and google, i can't find anything"

One thing I thought I'd have to give up when going to mostly hand tools was making junky items, but this and the recent bunk bed have kind of taught me that it's still OK to make junk like I'd have made in the past with power tools, (e.g., none of the board ends are planed, they're just handsawn moderately carefully and then all screwed and glued together) and make something as fast as can be made.


The result just looks like something bought at a department store, but that's the point.

The lumber is just 1x construction pine from home depot, and the back is resawn SYP 2x10s (SYP resaws really easily when it's a little wet and it actually made the T&G kind of easier - it's a little wet, so it can be put together snug and any shrinkage should give it relief rather than compressing it like could happen making stuff out of dry wood in the winter).

I've learned also that whether something is nice or not nice, the mrs. doesn't care. and I'm not sure that I could figure out any way to make this any faster with less work aside from a plywood back (I've got no buggy big enough to haul plywood).

I can get back to chisels now after the week /10 day hiatus that this thing clogged up my shop space.

(and that time frame didn't include any significant commitment of time in any particular day).

I did also learn something else from this - in the case where I'm going to seal something with shellac going forward, instead of padding it on, I'm going to roller on the first coat with a 3 or 4 inch trim roller (I have nowhere to spray shellac). All of the paint is rolled on, too - same thing, I can't think of any faster way to do it.

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