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oil on waterstones and the converse...

David Weaver
I remember seeing this video from cliff stamp shortly after he posted it...

Cliff is an experimenter, he likes to see claims and then test them and then parse his results for key things that may help in the future or to understand a wider scope.


He doesn't do woodworking tools, so sometimes, his comments won't make sense to us (like "plateau" sharpening, where the objective is to sharpen just to the point but not raise a burr - done with knives not for some kind of dippy idea about preserving an edge, but rather preserving the actual life of the knife by not raising a burr and then having to hone through the burr).

(side comment, the idea of plateau sharpening isn't so ridiculous with carving tools, but doesn't make as much sense time-wise for heavier use tools).

Just thought this was an interesting out of the ordinary topic. I've got a couple of japanese waterstones soaking in mineral oil right now (stones i never use, and that came in used lots from japan).

And one more side comment - it's not out of the ordinary for me to have gotten a couple of lots of stones from japan (seeing a lot of 10 stones where I wanted 3 or 20 and I wanted 3 or 4) to find older waterstones that we wouldn't recognize (there are some very old synthetic stones far older than kings that are like tweeners between vitrified oilstones and the kings) ...at any rate, not out of the ordinary to find stones that were oiled on purpose.

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