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8" high speed - gray wheel - refreshing hollows

David Weaver
..out of curiosity this morning, I refreshed the bevels on two chisels and reset one to shallower with the jet light-dimming grinder.

3600 rpm, 36 grit gray wheel at 8". It's an efficient cutter and when grinding the filth off of old files, I noticed less heat than with the baldor (I suspect it's leaving with the sparks).

I have to admit that despite all of the discussion of burning bevels, it wasn't difficult to refresh the hollows of any of the tools without water (just testing heat by pulling the chisels across my palm) or reset the bevel on a sorby chisel (admittedly, they're soft) and I could get along fine with this grinder and sell the baldor.

The thing about it is that there's so much wheel speed and the wheel is so rough that with light pressure, the amount of air coming off of the wheel is significant and more than light pressure is never needed (i'm sure it would brown the chisel at the tip quickly).

I remember far bigger problems starting off with an 80 grit white wheel on a ryobi grinder, which was suggested at the time as a good choice for both lathe tools and hand tools. The issue with fine wheels like that being that they just won't cut with light pressure, and applying any with all of the tiny contact grains heats things up very quickly.

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