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Jim Matthews
FYI - I'm a convert to the sentiment that the qualities of O1 and PM-V11 are superior steel for workshop use. (Even with my bruised pride.)


I suspect most large manufacturing concerns start with what can be purchased on the cheap, and figure out how to sell it afterwards.

Most of the ECE stuff I own was purchased unused, still in the box (Made in Western Germany stickers attached) decades after they were given as gifts.

My guess is that they were impressive tools to the buyers and a source of consternation to the recipients who rarely used them.

In my opinion, the spring loaded adjustment mechanism stumps most users.
While still available, a "reformed" variant that uses a simple wedge.

This is unfortunate, because the spring loaded assembly is robust and easy to make.

SWAG - the reason most of these perform poorly is that they're so "tetchy" that users avoid disassembly when sharpening is warranted.


There is NO DOUBT that I get a better finish with properly hardened O1 or Buck Rodgers XHP than the stock Chrome Vanadium steel in the stock ECE blades.

However, the shape of the classic "horned" Germania plane allows me to carry on when my creaky hands would otherwise tire.

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