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1095 vs. file steel...

David Weaver
.just wasting everyones' time repeating myself, but over lunch today, I hacksawed more 1095 and cut some annealed files to length. It is uncanny how different the steels feel. The 1095 is more greasy feeling under the hacksaw and the files (Which are just basic grade files, no special ones like black diamond or anything) are much more dry feeling.

I've had heller, nicholson (probably a third that I don't recall that's not foreign) and a file with a tree picture on it that says made in india. I cannot tell the three of them apart, but they are massively different feeling than the 1095 bar stock.

I'm shipping the only 1095 chisel I've finished so far to steve. Of course, it sharpened fine, but I'm jumping ugly to find some raw bar stock that feels like the files for situatios where I don't have a good file size to make certain chisels (especially narrow chisels). There are some specs for some very plain steel -even more plain than W1 to W7 (my understanding of those being that the spec is tighter on W7 than W1).

There is a supposedly intentionally named steel used by knife makers now "1095-cro-van". As in, intentionally given a similar name to 1095 despite the crV additional alloying so that the market would think it was a "better" version of 1095. It's probably more stable, but not what I'm looking for making chisels.

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