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I've asked this before but.....photos

ken ca
How does one upload and display MORE than 1 photo per post?

Unfortunately, the site "search" function doesn't work and a (Google) search from the main page didn't help.
The woodcentral FAQ says this:

Place your cursor in the message text box where you want the image to appear in your post, then click the "Browse" button next to the "Upload embedded image" box and browse to the image or file on your computer and click Open. In a few moments, a line of code will appear in the message text, surrounded by [uplimg][/uplimg] tags. You may uplpoad as many images as you like, wherever you like, in the message body, as long as no image or file exceeds the file size limit for that type.

but there doesn't appear to be a browse or upload image box. Heellllppppp....

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