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RJ vs Irwin vs Greenlee auger bits *PIC*

ken ca
I've owned a "harlequin" set of Irwin bits for Donkeys years, and I have a few Greenlee bits. But I've always lusted after a set of Russell Jennings bits as they are supposed to be superior in hardwoods. I recently gave in and purchased a boxed set off that over priced auction site we all love to hate. It was an older set with 14 bits, rather than the later 13 bit set (no idea WHEN that change occurred). I tested the #12 of all three in 3/4" red oak, selecting a Yankee 2101 bit brace from my overly large collection of braces and found that although the RJs were almost twice as slow in cutting through, the quality of cut was about equal between all 3.

Since all three were subjected to my sharpening skills, the results are somewhat dubious.
Ignore the RH hole and the obvious backside damage as I made no effort to cut the hole cleanly on the backside by reversing the board etc.

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