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Old Dog learns a new tricks

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
If you look in the Gallery you will see a secretary by Mayberry, one of many Period pieces he has made over the years- beds, dressers, desks , tables, a clock.....(He lost his password so that was the last of his pieces you get to see).

He is currently making a curly maple reproduction dresser. He was fretting over the edge picking out when he jointed it. Fine cut, sharp power jointer knives....it picked out, never-the-less. He knew I faced a lot of my pieces and asked me about facing it to cover up the torn grain.

To summarize a long discussion I got him to consider and then I helped him set up a hand plane with a tight cap iron which he used to see if it would clean up the torn edge grain. It did nicely. Earlier he discovered that his Two Cherries chisels didn't damage when "Unicorned" and then used for chopping maple dovetails. That's two new tricks in a month!

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