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Fine Woodworking 1989 *LINK*

Bruce Mack
I have a few older woodworking magazines in my shop. Last night I grabbed the March/April 1989 issue. On the cover is the most handsome blanket chest I have ever seen. The sides were of 8/4 cherry planed to 1 1/2" and glued up to form the magnificent panels you see on the link. I remember my awe at the concept of making large panels from boards. Other articles included building a pool table, template routing, tambour-top jewelry box, adjusting bandsaw wheels, and tuning a Japanese plane. In retrospect, this was the golden age of woodworking for me, a 45 y.o. guy who had just moved to PA from New York City and was looking for a new hobby. The magazines were the source of excellent material. They were eclectic, large, and well-printed.
I taught myself from them and have never had a better time in woodworking.

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