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one more...

David Weaver
..waiting for heat treatment.

Certainly, it will warp a little bit and I may move to leaving the bevels a bit fat and then hand finish them with abrasive paper and a block after hardening. We'll see.

Bolster looks a little funny - funnier than it shows in the picture. I've got the process down to get the bolster on the chisel, but got lazy and tried to rough grind it to size on the bench grinder, and I don't have a setup to do that accurately without changing the grinder rest (no interest in that). It takes so little time to file something of that size down when it's annealed that I'll just file them all from now on (the facets are filed on, but they can't be tidy if the metal left around the tang isn't even - and it's not).

The finish level is "taper saw file". Learned long ago (and it's probably standard practice somewhere) that getting a decent level of finish on wood without sanding or scraping can be done with progressive files. Taper saw files are cheap and will draw file a pretty nice surface.

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