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paint scraper used to remove mill marks *LINK*

Bruce Mack
Lou Sauzedde, a shipwright, recently posted a video in which he used a Red Devil paint scraper to remove planer marks from oak planks. I got the plastic handled #3140 yesterday for $7.29 and prepped the 1 1/2" edge last night. The blade is hard and the file skidded off, so I used a small fine diamond stone to smooth the bevel and then turned the edge with a burnisher. I don't yet know how well this will work for me, but I am getting shavings rather than dust from scrap cherry. Pressing down with one hand over the blade while pulling the handle with the other offers an obvious mechanical advantage over a card scraper. I'll continue playing with this to fine-tune and invite others to try it and comment if they have the time and inclination.

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