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separate - the painting

David Weaver
I have a lot of dewaxed shellac ,and will use that to prime the wood (none still seems sappy, but I'm sure over time that won't be true). for painting, since I'll fill and skim everything, I was hoping to use a sprayer to spray white paint (I bought an electric HVLP sprayer that's designed for paint rather than finishes - last year - and have never used it).

I'm a little bit on the fence about whether or not I should just disassemble the thing (it'll be taken apart to paint either way, ends stay assembled- they're glued, and, but taken off of the long rails) and paint it with rollers and pads vs. the learning curve of the sprayer.

Thoughts? I've never really had a lot of luck spraying paint with airless sprayers in the past. I guess a test piece would tell me all I need to know about the sprayer (the one in this video is the same thing):


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