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Re: The hawley grinding video...

David Weaver
I had the same urge....want one of those wheels! I'd imagine lineshaft and water for the wheels early on, maybe steam and lineshaft in some places. I was wrong in my timeline comments earlier, I'm sure you noticed but others may not have watched. The job grinder video is from 1993. The guys are brothers, with the one on the left 79 if he's still alive. Not sure when the intro was posted, but they were still alive when it was attached to the video, no doubt helped by using silicon carbide instead of silica.

I could find nothing of those wheels, though. You could turn your stub garage into a grinding room and start making all kinds of stuff!

Of interest for some may also be that at least as recent as 10 years ago or less, the pen knife maker was still at it. Online says that he adapted as the market got smaller and learned to do the smithing and other operations himself to keep going, and went upmarket in his knife making. I saw a used linerlock style or some other lockback type of his that sold on eBay for $370.

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