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Re: The hawley grinding video...

Steve Voigt
The grinding video was cool. I spent a bunch of hours this week completely regrinding the tapers on two sets of plow irons. Some of the techniques I used were similar (like dropping the back of the iron down onto just the right spot on the wheel and then pushing forward) but these guys were so much more fluent and had so many more tricks.

After watching the guy grind a pallet knife, I know how the old saws, like the ones in the Seaton chest, were ground. Not sure what the power source in 1800 was--maybe water, or apprentice--but I'm sure that big water wheel is how it was done.

I'd love to acquire a grinder like that, maybe half the size, but same concept. But I'd wear a mask. Even with water to cut down on the dust, all those guys were dead from emphysema in a few years, I'd bet.

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