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unxld northfield

David Weaver
or something like that for the brand?

I had one of that line until this week (a sunfish knife - that was novel, but good to unload). The unxld knives have a bit more of an expensive look (longer grooves on the blade, etc, more bone and less wood) - I think they're similar steel, though. GEC says 57 hardness, but the wall street wharncliffe knives that I have are well above that - the washita rats them out as not being that soft. They sharpen wonderfully and hold an edge really well doing the things you mention (breaking down boxes, cutting twigs, etc). Strangely, a slightly soft knife set really keen just won't stand up to cardboard.

At any rate, it's fitting that the buffing works well as we stole the trick from the knife people in the first place (at least that's where I saw it). The wax from the wheel should help keep corrosion away on the 1095 bladed knives, too.

Failure on the buck knife started at the edge and then folding ensued when I had it sharpened just two bevel freehand (with the apex left on). the edge holds up now to literal hacking to whack branches off of trees for the kids to toast fall marshmallows.

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