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Various buck knives...

David Weaver
..my dad had some buck knives that are older, and some generic copies. I recall them being very gummy steel as a kid (if a knife was still bright in his hunting knife group, it didn't take a very good edge).

I destroyed a chisel over the weekend that had been unicorned - it continues to fail spectacularly (it's a buck brothers chisels, older socket type) on pine whereas my other chisels don't. I guess what I'm getting at is that if steel is very mediocre but still at least that, the buffer seems to bring it up to spec. If it's butter soft, then there's no real hope (but the only way to find out is try).

The newer basic US knives have what they refer to as 420HC. It's fine grained for a stainless steel, and almost good. Once it's buffed, it's good, bordering on very good (for actual hunting use, which mine will never see - it would be spectacular).

I found favor with the tidioute 1095 knives because they're hard like a chisel and plain carbon steel - they hold an edge like we're used to with tools, but now have to admit I don't have a great need for it :\

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