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The hawley grinding video...

David Weaver
Of the various videos, the grinding video is one of the more interesting, at least to me (I have no idea why).

In things like the grinding and fork polishing videos, there's not a whole lot that would be more than entertainment to us, but there is a short segment where the job grinder is working up a bevel edge chisel.


This does a lot to explain why certain scratch patterns are on chisels made after WWII.

I'm guessing this chisel is already hard and maybe it gets some polishing after this (and maybe not). The chisel gets hot in grinding, but it doesn't get hot enough to fizz the water off instantly.

It's incredibly quick that the job grinder does the grinding on this chisel and makes me wonder just how much money the makers were saving by cutting the time back on the grinder (and perhaps a follow-up polish step or two). $10? whatever the pound equivalent was? Of course, $10 in production becomes $30 at retail. A shame. The skill of these guys to work quickly and turn forged items into near finish is pretty incredible.

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