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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Perhaps something that curves down slightly to provide a grip, and fixes to a recess in the the top edge of the drawer, this was the plan from the start. Rev 5 was a version of such a pull but daughter preferred a different shape. They are done but finish not cured yet. Went with walnut finger pull to largely avoid contrast that would set off the pull. The pulls will be located at the top of the drawer where they will largely disappear under the substantial overhand she requested. She is the art major and I don't second guess her decisions :)

I partially follow the hardware first rule in that I have an idea of the kind of knob/pull I intend to use. But I can not vision details till I have the piece done. For example....

I knew I wanted a drop or bail pull for this drawer. But until I had the drawer decorated I could not have visioned that this Period reproduction pull would be at home in this pattern. Period correct...not by a long shot. In fact the purveyor of the hardware recoiled at the ideal of mixing these historical furniture periods.

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