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Interior table framing *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

(picture 2 is taken with the table upside down) the odd looking stuff is the reinforcing mesh on the rock)

I'll get a better picture of the table when it gets moved out of the shop. For now the pictures' purpose are to illustrate what the rest is all about.

A table with drawers presents a considerable more complex structure than just a a table consisting of a top, skirt and 4 legs- 9 dimensioned parts and 8 joints. There are 65 dimensioned parts in this table and 68 joints. A table with drawers can be assembled in more than one way, so what follows should be considered an example.

The M&T joints are in predictable locations. The top rail above the drawers is dovetailed into the top of the leg. The vertical drawer dividers are dovetailed into the rails. I like a dovetail here because it locks the rail spacing to provide a stable opening for the drawers. The spacers between drawers are inlet into a dado in the back rail and M&T into the vertical drawer dividers. A spacer block is added to fill out between the side rail and drawer side. Drawer runners are attached to the bottom of the spacers between drawers. A kicker for the drawer is attached to the top. In my case the top is held on with a combination of pocket screws, table top clips, and screws through the front rail.

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