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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Generally there is a couple of mm between the top of the drawer front and the upper side of the case. I think this value a misprint. This amount would be an unattractive too big gap for even a large drawer, unless building under very low humidity conditions.

While on the topic of how much height clearance to leave..... This question does not have one answer. The answer depends on the height of the drawer, the relative humidity of the shop and the relative humidity of where it may live.

A tight fitting drawer works smoothly. I strive for a drawer that can be closed by pushing on one corner with a finger. However, a sticky drawer is vastly more intolerable than one too loose.

Before I deliver furniture with drawers I set the piece in the most damp environment I can find- garage in the winter for example. It is not uncommon for the case or a drawer to move and become bindy during this test. I adjust by planing and so far I have not delivered a piece that presented further problems.

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