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David Weaver
...but I have never seen anyone else describe planing and smoothing as warren would.

I didn't ever pick up on what warren said until I got the kooky idea that keeping the plane in the cut more consistently was better than spot smoothing.

And then I think warren referenced something from nicholson saying the same thing - finishing smoothing with overlapping strokes and through shavings.

I won't leave dirty tracks around conversations of krenov as I have only seen bits of his texts quoted from different people and when I compare all of them, I don't think they give an accurate picture (e.g., I saw someone mention that he only sharpened to a certain level and then liked favorable woods because of it - but the context was someone advocating atom splitting sharpness as needed for smoothing, especially in discussing figured wood - which isn't true. Nobody would ever do much smoothing of figured wood with .001" shavings).

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