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This quest is sort of a follow-up to an issue I had where I was having some residual burr at the edge of plane blades. The burr was there, I believe, because the back of the blade is convex at the very edge and the stone wasn't working the edge very well. This is true even for a blade that is otherwise flat: the edge has a slight convexity to it. This is due to the wear on the blade from the shaving passing over it. (This is also informed by the wear bevel photos from Kato and Kawai.)

So, even with a "flat" back, a plane blade is not quite flat at the edge after some use, and it doesn't have good contact with the stone. That's one reason why people use the ruler trick.

David advised to increase the pressure at the edge when honing the back, and that definitely helps -- I've been getting a better edge from doing this, and the difference in the resulting surface is noticeable. But at the same time, I'm curious about how to create something like an ura that's present on Japanese plane blades, to make sharpening faster and easier. I'm also hoping that this will provide a faster and easier way to fix a convex back of a blade than using sandpaper.

So basically: I'm curious. It's not a necessity -- obviously, people have gotten along without doing this -- but I'm hoping it'll provide some improvement.

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