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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I was going to send this note by email but then thought maybe I am not the only person that is flummoxed by this quest. As I understand, the idea is to make abrading the back of a plane blade easier because some of it is already ground away from hollowing Fair enough given it works well for bevels.

The question comes from in what situation is re-abrading the back of a plane blade needed? Long ago I flatened, slowly, the backs of the plane blades I used regularly and never needed to do it again. After about 3 of these episodes I decided at $3/hr return on labor it was cheaper to buy a plane blade already flat and never again need to abrade the back (other than superficially to aid burr removal). My puzzlement is under what circumstance are you needing to re-abrade a plane blade back?

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