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Deburring wheels ()

It looks like there are a lot of choices when it comes to deburring wheels at McMaster-Carr and MSC Direct. The bench grinder sized ones are really pricey (like $80 and up) so I'd probably get a small one that I'd mount to a drill. Those ones are less than $10.

My goal is to remove around .001" of steel from a blade. Something that's a bit squishy but still has abrasive power is what I'm looking for.

It's not obvious from the picture I posted earlier, but that HSS blade is slightly convex, so it's hard to work the very edge on stones. I was able to make some progress flattening it using a diamond plate, but I'm still not quite to the edge.

If I'm able to figure out a good method, it should be useful for not just creating a concavity to the back of a blade, but also for removing convexity, like this blade has.

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