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Re: More experiences making a hollow on a blade *PIC*

Interesting idea... I dug around and found that my Dremel came with a hard rubber wheel with abrasives. At least, that's what I think it is.

I tried it out, but it seemed about as hard or slightly harder than the felt wheel, so I don't think I'll get better control with it. And I'm not ready to pay $30 or more for a bench grinder-sized cratex wheel, at least not yet.

I also tried out a small sanding drum on the Dremel. That was also too hard. With these moderately hard wheels, it would require more precision than I'm capable of to get a nice-looking result. Here's what the back of the blade looks like after a quick pass (about 2 seconds each) of the rubber abrasive wheel (marks parallel to the length of the blade), and with the sanding drum (marks parallel to the edge).

But this got me looking for other possible abrasive wheels, and now I'm thinking that a sanding flap wheel might do the trick.

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