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A separate tip for the dippers
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David Weaver
I've ground a lot of tools - unhardened and hardened. Unhardened, you just try to keep from burning your fingers or allowing slag off of the wheel to build up on the cast rest as it actually erodes the rest.

Hardened, the only chisel I've burned recently is a V11 bench chisel (just browned the tip, but since it was a chisel for the uni-test, I had to square all of that off and then do much more work than I would've had I not browned the tip).

I found it a lot more handy (vs. dipping or whatever else) reprofiling the edge a second time with a wet paper towel scrap folded over and laid on the back of the chisel. If bits of a soggy paper towel touch the grinding wheel, nothing happens. The steel back from the edge stays so cool and draws the heat from the edge out so well compared to a chisel that's heating up.

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