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Re: Japanese blades and CBN wheels

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Disclaimer: I know nothing about Japanese chisels.

However, I have hollow ground blades for many years on a 7" wheel. Some points that could be relevant to grinding a laminated blade.

Once an edge is established that is orthogonal to the chisel side don't ever loose this reference edge when grinding. Grind to near it, remove wear with 1st honing step. As a result the hollow never gets to the edge. And the flat is extended in the next step

After grinding the next step is some sort of 1st honing. This step will establish a flat bevel on the hard portion of the lamination.

A solution to your fear of heat is grinding technique. For those skeptical of grinding I do a demo. 3600 rpm grinder, 80 grit wheel, thin Stanley plane blade. Light touch on a crowned wheel; no blue metal. When refining to near the edge I am barely touching the tool to the wheel and only touching the wheel to a small portion of the tool, and always moving the tool.

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