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Re: Bill, I hate to say, may be time for new glass

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I have no idea what you are saying but if you are suggesting that I can't see, and feel planing, an obvious difference in this wood close to the roots vs that 12' up the tree you are mistaken, or perhaps confused by my explanation of the data. I have been intimately working with this wood the past couple of weeks, not simply observing it blown up on a computer screen.

There are four unusual things about this tree. I never harvested wood this close to the ground. This tree grew at an astonishing rate, 1.5" diameter a year at best. It was a "barnyard" tree but sprouted among thick brush. It shot up 10' without any significant branches, the top broke off at 11' and it regrew taller from a cluster of large branches at 11'. It had an enormous top which put unusual weight on the trunk. Any of these factors may, or may not, be significant. My vision is not.

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