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Did you wet the wood just before?
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Strange shavings *PIC* ()

Keith Newton
I'm sure you all know that wet wood of almost all wood is half as dense or hard as it is when dry, so giving it a swipe with a damp rag ought to make the cutting easier. However it does make for more drag on the bottom of an un-lubricated plane.

As for as your theory of stump wood, I can't say about walnut. However a couple of woods, Water Tupelo and Cypress are two that are much softer or lighter than higher on up the trunk. Maybe someone could do a Janka test to see if Walnut is too.

As for your effort too harvest the stump of a Walnut tree, I'm sure I don't need to tell you, there is a lot of effort required to get anything useful from the stump. I don't think most people know that the best figure is NOT down in the bottom roots, but rather on the top of the roots near the surface of the ground where they make a right angle turn up. And even then, I wouldn't bother with it for a tree less than about 42" DBH. It takes those big old buttress roots to make the figure.

I've got a couple of good gunstock blanks that I cut about 20 years ago that I could part with if anyone is interested.

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