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Re: edge jointing 25 foot planks

Rafael from PA
A recent thread where a new bevel up plane was out of flat by 1.5 mil was deemed inadequate, yet here we have someone jointing water tight planks with an old plane.

I'm a hobbyist and would like to do the best I can with what I have. When looking for information on what to use or get, I note an attitude sometimes that implies that superior machining, tight tolerances, high end tools, etc., etc. is what it's going to allow you to have better output. This comment is not directed to anyone in particular, it's just something I note when I read the forums.

In my own limited experience I find that sometimes that is not true, an inexpensive Washita stone will sharpen my tools, a well prepared cap iron will smooth all the woods I have worked with so far, an old coffin smoother will produce very good results.

The lesson I get from this is that skill is more important than how much money you spend on a tool.

Thank you for posting the video Bruce.

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