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Re: And some very interesting data *PIC*

Warren in Lancaster, PA
When I was a boy I knew a man named Seth Pancoast. My father once remarked that there had been Seth Pancoasts in Marple Township since before the revolution.

I was rather interested when about 25 years ago I saw this small entry in the Chester County Furniture book:

Pancoast, Seth, Marple Twp, joiner.

This comes from a 1764 Tax List. I remember wondering if this joiner had made things I was familiar with, like doors or windows on old buildings or the benches in the Quaker meetinghouse.

Since then a high chest made by Seth in 1766 has come to light. One of my customers once owned it. Now people are calling Seth a cabinetmaker. In the 18th century cabinetmaker and joiner were used somewhat interchangeably. Often the same guy uses both terms to refer to himself.

Here is what a Chester County "joiner" was making in the 1760's:

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