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And some very interesting data

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
The pictures in the Chester Co furniture book are arranged alphabetically by maker, ending with pieces where the maker was unknown. The knots concentrate at the end of the pictures, employed by unknown makers because the pieces are not branded or signed. The appearance of knots where the maker is known, knots and makers with "joiner" in the makers bio strongly correlate.

Where the maker is known and the piece branded with the shops name, presumably indicating a larger more established shop, not a knot to be found, and harmonious appearance if figured wood was included. The handsome curly maple piece shown in the original post is from one of these shops.

In the above context "knots" are obvious inclusion of a knot with a distinct center, and not figured wood near knots and crotches.

If if not obvious I have a passion for wood that equals David's for sharpening stones.

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