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Re: Wood selection for Period drawer fronts

David Weaver
A friend's dad (showy kind of guy) got a new mahogany table and chairs back in the 70s here and paid a mint for it.

It was pore filled as you describe and mostly one color, or all. I had trouble understanding why it was so desirable.

Thinking back to the clamp down on good mahogany wood, I'm suspcious about my timeline - there was mahogany in guitars in the 70s, but it was often supplemented with maple necks, and a lot of guitars were a pancake of 4/4 material with a filler strip between them.

The mahogany that I've seen more recently is a whole different animal - light weight, wide growth rings and a lot of it probably comes from indonesia or fiji or somewhere in india. The fiji wood isn't very old -maybe just under 80 years old and younger.

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